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Established in 1983, the firm of Garth Hayden Architect has developed a reputation for excellent design and full understanding of building alterations/ renovation as well as a strong knowledge of historic preservation and building conversions. The firm has completed a variety of commissions including residential condominiums, offices, retail stores, art galleries and private residences throughout New York City including the Boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens and in Long Island.  The firm’s approach combines the practice of quality, timely, cost-effective architecture and interiors combined with cutting-edge sustainable design strategies. In addition to providing full architectural services in-house, the firm demonstrates a special expertise in successfully maximizing a project’s potential under the applicable zoning regulations and expediting approval processes.  The principal’s in-depth knowledge of local codes, personal experience with local jurisdiction and strong project management capability help to speed up construction starts and minimize delays. These skills, in addition to the principal’s personal involvement throughout the process and the firm’s association with creative professional engineers lead to the delivery of successfully completed projects.

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